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Bonsugi during the last 15 years has created and developed many other projects with different names, sometimes alone but often in collaboration with international artists, in Italy and outside.Below we will list some of these. He has had a fundamental role like executive producer and artistic producer for many artists of the dance music.



Some Productions:

My studio:

Bonsugi ® is a trademark of D.P.Factory Music Inc.



Producer and Italian artist active since 1997, has produced more than 100 songs and collaborated with many artists of international renown. He has worked with many major labels, including: WB (Warner Brothers), EMI, ZYX, Bliss.Co, etc ... His professional career began in 1997 when he worked as a songwriter for Nika Records in Ljubljana (Slovenia) with which he created several cover songs in Italian and remixes for Plavi Orkestar, famous band in the area. At the same time he began to produce different dance songs published exclusively with the ZYX (Germany). After working for two years with the Bliss.Co in Turin known as the label of the Eiffel 65. With he has released three singles to moderate success. In 2004 he met Ottomix with whom he began a long collaboration and friendship. With Ottomix he produces many songs including the international hit "El Bom Bom" published by Universal Music France. In 2005 he founded his own label, "DPFactory Music Inc." he works even today .. Open and available to any type of collaboration and lover of adventure travel in the world still continues to produce music, collaborating closely with Edinet Music and many other artists of the music scene.

  1. Supersonika

  2. Tanya and Daddy

  3. Nightboys

  4. La Serenissima

  5. 8 Ball C

  6. Joe Jog

  7. BTS Chitlom

  8. Long Drinks

  1. Sbraxa

  2. Elektrosystema

  3. Bonsugi

  4. Yvette

  5. Mr.Phil

  6. Fabio Selection

  7. Dj German

  8. The Miracle

  1. Kokko Band

  2. Klizia

  3. Alex Sure

  4. The Italian Lover

  5. Plavi Orkestar

  6. I Ricercati

  7. The Overtonics

  8. and other...

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